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Indigenous & Black Land Convening

a Virtual LandBack and Land-Justice Conversation

Black Women's Blueprint {BWB) and the North American Indigenous Center of New
York for Culture, Equity, and Economic Empowerment (NAIC-NY) have come
together to form a tremendous partnership in co-creating vibrant and safe
women-led communities where all people can live lives of sovereignty and dignity
on almost 300 acres of land in New York, the original territories of the
Haudenosaunee. This vast land holds the resistance and testimonies of our
ancestors and the endless canvases for us to paint our dreams onto - in the rolling
rivers, lush greenery, and beautiful sun-drenched skies. We are the seeds and this
land is the future.

Join BWB and NAIC on April 26th, 2023 as we begin a series of conversations in
the pursuit of the mandates of truth, justice, healing and reconciliation for
Indigenous and Black women. April 26th is significant as we mark the seven-year
anniversary of the Black Women's Truth and Reconciliation Commission of 2016.


Join in this first of many intentional conversations as we futurescape reparative justice
and as Restore and NAIC explores the idea of a Black and Indigenous Truth and
Reconciliation Commission that reckons with genocide, stolen children, missing and
murdered women/relatives, stolen continent (land), broken treaties, environmental
destruction, violent assimilation of religion, and the colonization of Indigenous food
systems, the theft of Black land and the enforced exploitation of Black physical, sexual
and reproductive labor on U.S. land.

Undertaking this racial healing journey ensures the restoration of what was lost
through reconciliation between Black and Indigenous communities. In this virtual
weaving, a convening of Indigenous and Black women will pave the way in land justice
and land-back philosophy, intentions, and futurescaping. This series of curated
strategic talks with a northeastern focus, shares experiences of systemic exclusion and
racism, while also conducting solution-driven workshops to safely navigate our current
state and ensure future growth and maintenance of Land stewardship.

North American Indigenous Center of New York
Haudenosaunee Deligation

Mountain Landscape
DAY ONE: APRIL 26, 2023 11 AM-5 PM ET

11 am -12 pm ET

Words Before All Elselakowi:he'ne' Oakes, NAIC and Lisa LotachaProtocolsSevonna Brown, Restore Forward, Black Women's BlueprintHonoring World lndigeneitiesDailisha Rodriguez, Restore Forward, Black Women's Blueprint

12 pm-2 pm ET

The current landscape of Indigenous land-back movement: Led by Traditional Haudenosaunee leadership.Stewards: lakowi:he'ne' Oakes of NAICNY, Lisa Lotacha of Turtle Clan Oneida Nation, Minnie Garrow, Wolf Clan, Kaianerehkowa Kanonsesneh,

3 pm - 5 pm ET

The current landscape of Black land justice movement: Led by Black Feminist and Afro-Indigenous leadership

DAY TWO: APRIL 27, 2023 12 PM-5 PM ET

12pm -2pm ET

Futurescaping lntercommunal Healing 

BWB will share our model for how Black women are transferring
land to Indigenous and Black women and how Indigenous women are co-stewarding land with Black women in N.Y.Firekeepers: Amrita Kapur of the ICTJ and UN Relief and Works Agency, Judge Cheryl Demmert Fairbanks, Esq. Indian Peacemaking Initiative and Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of
Alaska Appellate Court, Farah Tanis of BWB, lakowi:he'ne'
Oakes of NAICNY

3pm - 5pm ET  

Futurescaping Land-Stewardship
Indigenous and Black women will discuss how current and future practices towards racial healing are made through the application of African and Black American teachings, parables, rituals, traditions, and medicine coupled with traditional Haudenosaunee governing practices, talking circles, ceremonies to truly weave each other into what is natural to the land.
Waymakers: Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm, Lisa Lotacha of Wold Clan, Oneida Nation, Abena Motaboli of Center for Humans and Nature, Kenya Crumel, National Black Food and 
Justice Alliance

DAY THREE: APRIL 28, 2023 12 PM-5 PM ET

12 pm - 2 pm ET

Conjuring A New Reality
( Affinity spaces and circles to discuss and share sustainable models for healing and reconciliation, as well as processes for accountability and justice for past < wrongs by colonial powers.

~ Facilitated Affinity Spaces

 Rest 2 pm-3 pm ET

3 pm-5 pm ET

Futurescaping Repair and Reconciliation
The conversations will inform the creation of
intercommunal healing and reconciliation processes and replicable models and efforts by Black and Indigenous women in the U.S. to mobilize and heal 



Minnie Garrow of Wolf Clan KaianerehkowaKanonsesneh,  Irene "Strong Oak" Lefebvre of Visioning
B.E.A.R., Dara Cooper, Founder of National Black

Food and Justice Alliance (NBFJA)

Closing this day while conjuring a new reality

North American Indigenous Center of NY

Haudenosaunee Delegation

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