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100% Indigenous Stewardship

American Indian/Alaskan Native, First Nations Status

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Metis Nation

Director of

Events & Media

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Mohawk Nation

Executive Director

& Founder

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Tatiana Benally

Dine Nation

 Communications Manager, Executive Assistant

Maintaining Sovereign futures
for all Indigenous Nations now and for the generations to come

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Artistic Development Coordinator

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Lisa Lotacha
Oneida Nation

Advisory Committee

100%  Indigenous

Committed to the steadfast leadership of tribally enrolled citizens and descendants of,

and  living within the North-East Region of Turtle Island. 

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Chef Dave Smoke-McCluskey
Mohawk Nation

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Keena King,
Mohawk Nation

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Nancy Wood, 

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Paul Delaronde, Mohawk

“The Good Mind is not one that is obedient, the Good Mind is one that works!”

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