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NAICNY believes in the self-sustaining and informed healthcare that midwives and doulas bring to the table. Indigenous midwives and doulas are an important part of a healthy community, as they hold the best cultural knowledge and experience to respond to the specific issues Indigenous people face on the day to day. NAICNY's Midwife & Doula Cohort will continue to nurture the practices by creating an environment that prioritizes the development of the practices and know-how for the caregivers as well as the community members.

In this cohort, you will be able to network and organize with other Midwives & Doulas in the region, have spaces to organize virtually/in-person, share resources with one another, and continue to hone your craft.


Of course if you're not a Midwife/Doula, but are interested in their knowledge and services, consider joining our Midwife & Doula Cohort Community Network.


NAICNY has hosted events in the past that centers Midwife and Doula work that we believe can be helpful to our community members. Please fill out the google form below so we can share some recordings and text with you from past events, and events in the future.

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